Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Don't you want to live a simple life?

What is the most precious to you in life?
At the end of the day, what are you the most thankful for?
I think that your answer(of course) says a lot about who you are.
I mean, are you most thankful for your friends? Who, without them, you'd probably never laugh, never look at yourself in a new light, never try new things...Catch my drift?
Are you the most thankful for family? The people who you've known since day one-literally. The ones who know you like the back of your hand, even though most of the time we all deny that we even are related to them.
Are you thankful for your job? Are you thankful for your home? For your money? For your car? Your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend?

That's all great and dandy--but how many of you said, you are thankful for your life?

Take a moment this Christmas, when you and all your loved ones are surrounded by the general feeling of Christmas(and you know the feeling) and really consider whether or not you are thankful for your life.

I mean, it's yours, and you are the only you. Your life is the only life like it, on the whole entire planet.

--Lookin' on the bright-side this Christmas at Gulf Apartment Locators--

Merry Christmas everyone!

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