Monday, January 24, 2011

Suprisingly Nice Lofts on Post Office St.

Today on my first day as an employee at Gulf Apartment Locators I walked over to some lofts that we list on Post Office St. above The Teak Store and Cruz Cortez Clothiers.  The building is very nice and as I opened the door and absorbed the scent of the warm wood that covers the floors upstairs and the stairs.  The building is very old, built in the late 19th Century.  I love the feeling that a place has history, as my feet carry me through the place my mind wanders to the many others that have walked in the very same steps that I am walking.  Upstairs as you walk through the hallway there is a neat inner city style view of a courtyard enclosed by brick. Which I imagined would be a nice place for a get together or relaxing on a nice mild day.  The lofts are are all very aesthetically pleasing with exposed brick on the inside to portray the living history of the lofts.  I encourage anyone who is interested in a loft in galveston to take a good look at these lofts, and you may find yourself living in one.

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