Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Newcomers Guide to Galveston, Texas Part 2

haha, so I'm late two days now on this new addition to my blog. Never fear! Today, I'm back and today's post is going to be short and sweet.
Home to the state of Texas's first high school, Galveston has more history and stories than cities 20 times its size. Part of what is entrancing about Galveston is that it is so much a town in its own right, and it always has been. Even today, many residents refer to is as "The Republic of Galveston Island" because it is so unlike the rest of Texas.
Galveston was named for Bernardo de Gálvez, a Spanish colonial governor and general. Gálvez sent Jose de Evia to chart the Gulf of Mexico from the Texas coast to New Orleans, and on July 23, 1786, de Evia charted an area near the mouth of a river and named it Galveston Bay. Later, the island and city took the same name. Bernardo de Gálvez died the same year, never setting foot on his namesake island.
Back to the present, Galveston is now a town with great spirit(proven after rebuilding and refusing to stay down after TWO major hurricanes), bustling people and fun year round.
Galveston is home for more than 200 thousand people, most of whom have been here for more than five years!
With a town like this brimming with such life and history, why wouldn't you want to visit? Maybe because you know that once you visit, you'll never want to leave again!
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Imagine seeing this sight every day!
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Stick around for the rest of my Newcomer's Guide to Galveston! Up next: Part 3-Places of Interest

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